John Deere X146R


Lawn and Garden

Ride on mowers

100 Series

  • V-twin, OHV 13 kW (17 hp) engine
  • 92 cm (36 in.) Rear-Discharge deck
  • Two Pedal Hydrostatic Transmission
  • Mows up to 8000 m²

Machine Features

Reverse implement option (RIO) allows operator to mow while backing up if deemed necessary

RIO switchRIO switch

Mowing while backing up is strongly discouraged.


The operator who deems it necessary to keep the mower (or other implement) engaged while backing up should first bring the tractor to a stop and look behind the tractor to be sure there are no bystanders. Then actuate (push in) the RIO button. The RIO button must be held down in the reverse implement position as the shift lever is moved into reverse (reverse foot pedal is depressed on models with a hydrostatic transmission).


The operator may then release the button and the mower will continue to operate while backing up and also when resuming forward operation. This procedure must be repeated the next time the operator chooses to keep the mower engaged while backing up. If the mower power take-off (PTO) is engaged and the operator shifts into reverse or depresses the reverse pedal prior to pressing the RIO button, ignition to the engine will be shut off. The engine will stop unless the operator either pushes on the RIO switch or shifts out of reverse.


If the engine does stop, the operator must return the mower engagement (PTO) switch or lever to the off position, depress the brake pedal, and then turn the ignition switch to restart the engine.

Controls are easy to find and convenient to use

Steering wheel and controlsSteering wheel and controls
Instruments and controls

The contoured dash is functional and attractive:

  • The hourmeter makes it easy to tell when oil changes and other maintenance should be performed.
  • Controls are color-coded and labeled for easy identification by the operator.
  • Controls are logically placed and easy to reach.
  • The functional design of the controls provides good appearance and a comfortable feel.
Mower deck height adjustment
Mower deck height adjustment leverMower deck height adjustment lever

A spring-assisted, low-effort lift lever simplifies setting and adjusting the mower cut height:

  • Increments of 0.64-cm (0.25-in.) allow the operator to fine-tune the cut height.
Transmission control
Side-by-side foot pedalsSide-by-side foot pedals

Two side-by-side pedals control the speed and direction of travel:

  • Automotive-type accelerator control ensures easy operation.
  • The operator can change direction without lifting foot off the platform.
  • Large pedal surface gives superior operator comfort.
Electric power take-off (PTO) clutch is easy and convenient to use
PTO clutch switchPTO clutch switch

The heavy-duty electric PTO clutch is operated with a convenient dash-mounted switch.

Parking brake control
Parking brake leverParking brake lever
Parking brake pedalParking brake pedal

The parking brake control is conveniently located for easy access. It holds the brake pedal securely in the locked position.

Hydro/automatic drive gives an infinite choice of ground speeds

Hydro/automatic foot-control pedalsHydro/automatic foot-control pedals
Hydro/automatic foot-control pedalsHydro/automatic foot-control pedals

A Kanzaki® Tuff Torq® hydrostatic transmission gives an infinite choice of speeds and makes changing the direction of travel easy. Side-by-side foot pedals control the speed and direction of travel:

  • Automotive-type accelerator control ensures easy operation.
  • Operator can change direction without lifting foot off the platform.
Hydrostatic transmissionHydrostatic transmission

A Kanzaki Tuff Torq hydrostatic transmission is used. It has the performance requirements to ensure excellent performance and reliability.

Kanzaki and Tuff Torq are trademarks of Kanzaki Kokyukoki Manufacturing Company.

92-cm (36-in.) Rear-Discharge Rear-Collect Mower Deck cuts clean

92-cm (36-in.) Mower (top view)92-cm (36-in.) Mower (top view)
Heavy-duty V-belt driveHeavy-duty V-belt drive

The innovative design of the 92-cm (36-in.) Edge™ Rear-Discharge Deck combines the best features for reliability and superior performance when mowing and collecting grass and leaves:

  • The mower deck is stamped from 12-gauge, 2.7-mm (0.105-in.) steel to provide smooth contours for a quality appearance and excellent performance.
  • With no side-discharge chute, the mower can trim on either side for mowing efficiency and convenience.
    • A smaller storage area requirement is an additional benefit.
  • A standard V-belt and non-timed blade design gives superior reliability and trouble-free operation.
  • Offset mower blades permit blade overlap with the use of a standard V-belt drive.
    • The blades cut cleanly without being able to contact each other.
  • A heavy-duty V-belt and large spring-loaded idler pulley transfer power to the mower blades efficiently and reliably.
  • Cut-height increments of 0.64 cm (0.25 in.) allow for operating the mower at the optimum cutting height.
  • A quick-adjust deck-leveling system is provided to make keeping the deck properly adjusted easy.
92-cm (36-in.) Mower (bottom view)92-cm (36-in.) Mower (bottom view)
Contoured deck and discharge bladeContoured deck and discharge blade

The underside of the mower deck is contoured and free of obstructions to ensure optimum cutting and bagging performance:

  • Grass clippings flow smoothly around the deck and up the chute into the hopper.
  • Clipping buildup is minimized to ensure continued high-performance and easy cleanup.
  • Special discharge blades (standard equipment) have a large wing to propel grass clippings up the chute and into the hopper.
  • Mower fills and packs the 300-L (8.5-bu) hopper with a large volume of grass clippings and/or leaves.
92-cm (36-in.) mower, left side92-cm (36-in.) mower, left side

Exceptional mowing and bagging performance begins with the deep-deck design of the mower. The deck is 100-mm (3.9-in.) deep at the front and grows even deeper from front to rear to create a smooth transition into the chute.

Wash portWash port
Hose-end adapter example for use with wash portHose-end adapter example for use with wash port

A wash port is provided on the mower deck. It can be used to supply water to the underside of the mower deck so it can be easily cleaned after use:

  • Wash port is designed for hose quick-connect fitting.
  • Connect hose and operate the mower to clean.
  • Using the wash port cleans bottom of deck and chute.
  • Wash port works best if used immediately after the mowing job is completed.
  • Operating the mower deck while the water is running removes grass clippings.
  • Use of the wash port prevents buildup of material from affecting performance the next time the mower is used.

NOTE: A hose-end adapter for the appropriate water hose to be used can be purchased locally for connection to the wash port.

Optional rear deflectorOptional rear deflector
Optional rear deflector in operationOptional rear deflector in operation

Optional rear deflector (BG20822) easily installs in place of hopper:

  • No tools required for installation
  • Deflects clippings in an even pattern behind the tractor
Optional mulch plug (typical mulch plug shown, not BG20698)Optional mulch plug (typical mulch plug shown, not BG20698)

Optional mulch plug (BG20698) easily installs in place of hopper:

  • When collecting grass clippings and leaves is not desired, a mulch plug and mulching blades are available. The rear hopper can be easily removed and the mulch plug installed.
  • Plug closes off opening on bottom of deck so material cannot enter the chute.
  • Special mulch blades are provided to optimize mulching performance.
  • The mulching blades will also provide excellent performance when used with the rear-discharge deflector and good performance for collecting. If collecting in heavy or wet conditions, it may be necessary to reinstall the standard bagging blades for optimum performance.

Rear hopper has large 300-L (8.5-bu) capacity and is easy to empty

X146R Tractor mowing lawnX146R Tractor mowing lawn
300-L (8.5-bu) hopper is raised to empty grass300-L (8.5-bu) hopper is raised to empty grass

The large-capacity, rear-mounted hopper makes collecting grass and leaves easy. The rear design allows excellent maneuverability when mowing.

The 300-L (8.5-bu) capacity hopper holds a lot of material for longer mowing times between emptying. Emptying the hopper is easily accomplished from the operator’s seat.

The durable plastic bottom will last a long time, even when operating in rougher conditions.

Hopper-full sensing switchHopper-full sensing switch
Hopper-full indicator light on tractor dashHopper-full indicator light on tractor dash

When the hopper is full, a light on the dash will come on and an audible alarm will sound, to alert the operator to disengage the power take-off (PTO).

  • When there is enough material in the hopper to activate the sensing switch, it simultaneously turns on the dash-mounted hopper full indicator light and an audible alarm.
  • This reduces the potential for plugging the system.
  • The hopper must be full, with enough material to activate the hopper-full switch, to activate the hopper-full indicator and alarm.
Easy-to-empty 300-L (8.5-bu) hopperEasy-to-empty 300-L (8.5-bu) hopper
Adjustable hopper latchAdjustable hopper latch

The hopper is emptied by pulling up, then forward, on the hopper handle. Using the leverage of the long handle, pull forward hard enough to overcome the spring-loaded hopper latch and rotate the hopper upward.


The hopper latch is easily adjustable for operator preference and conditions:

  • The spring can be located in any of three holes.
  • More latching effort is required for hilly or rough operating conditions.
Front hopper supportFront hopper support
Standard-equipment hitchStandard-equipment hitch

The hopper is easily removed from the tractor by using the rear handle to raise the back of the hopper 25 degrees, or about 13 cm (5 in.), and then using both handles to lift the hopper vertically out of the notches in the mounting brackets:

  • No tools are required.
  • There is nothing to disconnect.

When the hopper is removed from the tractor, it allows use of additional tractor features including:

  • Optional rear deflector
  • Optional mulch plug
  • Rear implement hitch
  • Tow-release lever
Hopper-installed interlock switchHopper-installed interlock switch

When the hopper is removed, a safety interlock switch will prevent the mower deck from operating unless the rear deflector or mulch plug is installed, however the engine will run and the tractor will operate so the rear hitch can be used.

Full-length welded steel frame for reliability

Heavy-duty rear hitch plate and frameHeavy-duty rear hitch plate and frame
Solid one-piece welded frameSolid one-piece welded frame

The solid one-piece frame is constructed of 12-gauge, 2.7-mm (0.105-in.) steel:

  • Full-length robotically welded frame has high-strength steel rails for superior reliability and long life.
  • One-piece fender deck is bolted to the frame.

Serviceability features are designed-in to save time and effort

Hopper removed to show hopper supportHopper removed to show hopper support
Tow-release lever located at tractor rear plateTow-release lever located at tractor rear plate

Serviceability is designed-in to save time and effort. The hopper is easily removed:

  • Use the rear handle to raise the back of the hopper 25 degrees, or about 13 cm (5 in.); then using both handles, lift the hopper vertically out of the notches.
  • No tools are required.
  • There is nothing to disconnect.
  • With the hopper removed, cleaning the hopper or the grass chute is easy.

A tow-release lever is provided for moving the tractor without the engine running.

Hourmeter with service-reminder featureHourmeter with service-reminder feature
Hood open for service convenienceHood open for service convenience

An hourmeter with service-reminder feature is provided for convenience in keeping the tractor and mower properly serviced:

  • The hourmeter shows the number of hours the engine has run.
  • The service reminder will indicate that a general lubrication or mower/engine service interval has been reached.
  • When service is required, the service reminder will flash for one hour.
  • Follow the service timetable in the operator’s manual.

Hood opens for convenient access to important service areas.

Powerful V-twin engine features full-pressure lubrication for dependability and long life

V-twin engineV-twin engine
High-quality air filterHigh-quality air filter

A large-displacement 656-cc (40 cu in.) V-twin engine has plenty of power and torque to handle tough mowing conditions:

  • Powerful, 12.50 kW at 3150 rpm engine gives excellent performance.
  • V-twin cylinder design has greater torque, lower vibration, and improved sound quality.
  • Electronic ignition gives fast starts.
  • Cast-iron cylinders give longer engine life.
  • Overhead valves provide excellent power and fuel economy.
  • Full-pressure lubrication and oil filter ensure cleaner oil for longer engine life and extended time between oil changes.
  • Full-pressure lubrication is also more effective when operating the tractor on an incline.
  • Large, high-quality air filter element extends engine life and is easy to service.
Oil filter and fuel filterOil filter and fuel filter
No-tools engine oil drainNo-tools engine oil drain

Engine fuel filter and oil filter help to give trouble-free operation. Both are conveniently located for easy service.

No-tools oil-drain valve is easy to access when changing the engine oil.

Operator station designed for comfortable operation

Operator station is designed for comfortOperator station is designed for comfort
Comfortable operator station (left view)Comfortable operator station (left view)

Operator station is designed for operator comfort and easy operation:

  • Controls are positioned where they are easy to reach and use to control the tractor.
  • The steering wheel is positioned and angled to give the operator plenty of room and steering comfort.
  • The seat is tilted back at the optimum angle to provide the most comfortable operator position.
Steering wheel and dashSteering wheel and dash
Wide footrest with debris channelsWide footrest with debris channels

Controls are easy to see and use:

  • Deluxe steering wheel provides greater operator comfort and control. Steering wheel diameter is:
    • 30.5 cm (12 in.) on the X146R
    • 35.6 cm (14 in.) on the X166R
  • Ignition switch is on the dash for starting ease.

Wide footrest areas with non-slip, anti-vibration rubber floor mats are provided for operator comfort and safety:

  • Optimum operator comfort
  • Debris removing channels help keep the footrest area clean and dry
High-back seatHigh-back seat
Seat tilted upSeat tilted up

A comfortable operator seat has a higher back for extra operator comfort. A comfortable seat is especially helpful when operating the tractor for extended periods of time. Seat-back height is 38.1 cm (15 in.).

Seat can be tilted forward for protection from the weather and to provide easy access to the fuel tank.

Seat springs give a smoother rideSeat springs give a smoother ride
Easy-to-adjust seatEasy-to-adjust seat

Seat springs absorb bumps to give a smoother ride.

Seat can be easily adjusted forward or backward while in the seat, with seat travel of 140 mm (5.5 in.) and 10 different positions.

Cup holder and storage with coverCup holder and storage with cover
Cup holder and storage with cover openCup holder and storage with cover open

A beverage holder and storage compartment are located on the right-side fender for operator convenience:

  • The X166R storage compartment includes a cover to protect the contents from the elements.
  • The cover can be ordered from Parts for the X166R and added to the X146R, if desired.

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