John Deere 6115MC



Row Crop Tractors

6 Series

  • PowerTech™ PWS 4.5 L Diesel
  • Category 2, 3N 3-point-hitch
  • 2WD/MWFD with optional TLS™
  • Premium Cab with integrated Roll-Gard™

Machine Features

Full-frame design

Full-frame designFull-frame design

6MC and 6RC Tractors are based on one frame size with 2400-mm (94.4-in.) wheelbase.

Strong steel frame has been a John Deere industry exclusive since 1992:
  • Unique solution achieves higher payloads without increasing tractor weight
  • Bridge-type frame provides superior structural strength and allows compact modular construction of transmission units
  • Full frame carries the load while the powertrain transmits engine power to the final drive
  • Larger implements and heavier loads can be accommodated, resulting in higher levels of productivity
Improved serviceability
  • Complete modular component replacement is allowed without splitting the tractor in half
  • Frame mounting allows easier component servicing without disturbing other systems

Pressure- and flow-compensated system (PFC), 80 L/min (21.1 gpm) and 114 L/min (30.1 gpm)

6RC Series Tractors offer a closed-center, pressure-and-flow-compensated (PFC) hydraulic system with 80 L/min (21 gpm) of flow to the remotes up to 200 bar (2900 psi) of variable working pressure. If a higher flow is required, a bigger pump with 114 L/min (30.1 gpm) is available in base equipment.


The hydraulic system is load sensing, which means a valve on the pump immediately initiates pump flow when required. When flow is no longer required, the pump returns to low-pressure, no-flow standby mode.


Advantages of this system:

  • Reduced load on engine
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Enhanced oil cooling
  • Reduced internal leakage
  • Reduced hydraulic noise levels
  • Less strain on hoses and seals

Pressure for the entire system is established by the function requiring the highest pressure. As demand lessens, so does hydraulic pump pressure and engine power requirements.

Other hydraulic system advantages include:

  • Mechanical-controlled valves
  • Hydraulic steering for effortless operation
  • Hydraulic wet-disc brakes that provide an excellent brake performance
  • Three-point hitch with increased lift capacity that can handle the heaviest implements

High-capacity hydraulic pump
The hydraulic pump is located close to the hitch valve and selective control valves, allowing:

  • Fewer and shorter lines
  • Quick system response times
  • Minimized energy losses

Essential services have priority

The priority valve ensures, even at low idle engine speed, full power to the essential services like:

  • Steering
  • Brakes
  • Hydraulic trailer brakes, if equipped

Hydraulic and transmission systems are functionally separate; however, both systems utilize a common reservoir for easy serviceability.

Oil takeout capacity with/without additional tank
With PFC hydraulic system, an extra 12-L (3.2-gal.) oil reservoir is available to increase the oil withdrawal capacity of the hydraulic system. This permanently allows the optimum oil level of all drive components with advantages for durability and efficiency.

Intelligent Power Management (IPM) for transport and PTO applications

The IPM feature for 6RC Tractors is used for many typical farming operations that use the rear power take-off (PTO) in high-power applications, or when the tractor is used as a transport vehicle. Producers looking for more power in non-stationary PTO and transport applications will take full advantage of this feature.

In high PTO power applications or where heavy trailers, carts, or implements are moved to various locations, this feature provides significant additional capabilities:

  • Improved productivity
  • Quicker acceleration
  • Better holding of desired transport speeds 


Tractor applications
PTO applicationPTO application
Transport applicationTransport application
How it works

There are specific operating parameters when the Intelligent Power Management system is activated to boost engine power. It is the intelligent part of the system that provides seamless operation while adjusting the engine horsepower, depending on how the tractor is being used.

For engine-horsepower boost activation, the tractor must already be running an application that is using the full power capability of the tractor.


PTO activation
PTO applicationPTO application

Operational conditions for activation:

  • Power must be sensed going through the PTO drive clutch by the tractor electronic systems.
  • The tractor must be moving faster than 1 km/h (0.62 mph). Then gradual stepless performance ramp up starts. At 2,5 km/h (1.6 mph) full IPM power is available.
  • Engine rpm needs to be at least 70 percent of rated speed

NOTE: If the tractor is equipped with a front PTO, additional Intelligent Power Management power will transfer through the front PTO. However, Intelligent Power Management activation is only sensed through the rear PTO. Adequate load must be sensed on the rear PTO in order to activate Intelligent Power Management.


Transport activation
Function in transport modeFunction in transport mode

During transport applications with IPM the engine responds seamlessly as load changes, such as when going up and down hills.

Operational conditions for activation:

  • Engine rpm at least 70 percent of rated speed
  • Tractor operation speed 15 km/h (9.3 mph), gradual stepless performance ramp up starts
  • At 20 km/h (12.4 mph), full increased rated engine performance available
Power boost levels other than at rated rpm

Some operators will run the tractor at full loads and/or run transmissions in auto mode in transport. This means the engine most likely will not be operating at rated rpm. As the engine is loaded, it will eventually drop off of rated rpm and use the power bulge as rpm slows. This is the way every John Deere PowerTech™ Plus engine operates when loaded to maximum power and torque.

Intelligent Power Management provides additional engine horsepower from rated engine speed down to approximately 1300 rpm.

Horsepower levels are increased above base equipment power bulge values.

If the PTO is engaged and the engine rpm stays near the rated speed of 2100 rpm, the full additional power potential for the tractor model will be available for use to handle additional load from the implement or changing terrain.

If the PTO is not in use and in transport operation and the rpm has dropped off of rated speed, usable additional power boost of Intelligent Power Management will taper off as rpm decreases.


Tractor compatibility with additional power

Intelligent Power Management has been thoroughly tested by John Deere engineers to be compatible with the tractor's base equipment with no impact to reliability. John Deere provides Intelligent Power Management as opposed to unapproved aftermarket devices that boost power without regard to engine, transmission, axles, drawbar, or hitch capability.

This feature provides optimal utilization of tractor components. For example, with PTO operation, power goes through the axles to move the tractor along the ground and turn the PTO shaft and implement.

Adding power to both of these systems does not overload either one individually. At transport speeds, drivetrain torque load decreases significantly from levels seen at low field speeds. Adding power at transport does not overload transmissions or axles.

Aftermarket devices are not selective when power increases are available. Great amounts of power increase are promised with these devices. Large power changes are not compatible with the tractor's base equipment.

NOTE: The tractor's base equipment changes as power increases. Larger parts, like hitches, drawbars, tire size, drivetrain components, axle diameters, and engine calibrations for emission performance and cooling, ensure durability of the total vehicle as power increases. Operating outside of the design capabilities of the tractor's base equipment will have an impact on durability and reliability.

Common transmission features

John Deere transmissions combine power-saving technology with well-proven design features to ensure:

  • Reliability
  • High efficiency
  • Low noise
  • Convenient operation
  • Low service costs

For the 6MC – 6RC Series Tractors, the following basic transmissions are available: 


PowrQuad Plus30 km/h (18.6 mph)16/16Not applicable
PowrQuad Plus 38 km/h (23.6 mph)16/16 Not applicable
PowrQuad Plus 40 km/h (24.9 mph)24/24Not applicable
AutoQuad Plus40 km/h (24.9 mph)24/24Not applicable
AutoQuad Plus Eco40 km/h (24.9 mph)24/24Not applicable
CommandQuad Plus40 km/h (24.9 mph)Not applicable24/24
CommandQuad Plus Eco40 km/h (24.9 mph)Not applicable24/24


CommandQuad Plus transmissionCommandQuad Plus transmission

Modular concept
The full frame is designed to withstand heavy load and twisting applications, which allows the transmission and engine to be modular designed instead of being an integral part of the frame.
Since the transmission is not used as a structural member, there is greater flexibility in manufacturing processes for integrating options such as a creeper or mechanical front-wheel drive (MFWD).

Modular conceptModular concept
  1. Differential housing
  2. Range module
  3. Option module (creeper)
  4. PowrQuad module (or PowrReverser and PermaClutch™ 2 clutch)
  5. MFWD - clutch module
  6. Power take-off (PTO) module

Three large clutch disks provide optimum clutch modulation for smooth operation, and the disks are oil-cooled for a lifetime of service. The PermaClutch 2 is especially suited to tough tractor applications, such as continuous front loader operations or other applications involving a large number of shuttle shifts.

Helical cut gears
The helical cut gears provide large-tooth contact for greater torque-transmitting capability and quieter operation.

Pressure lubrication
The pressurized lubrication system delivers cooled and filtered oil under all conditions. A warning light alerts the operator if oil pressure drops, preventing damage to the transmission.

Console shifting
All gear shift levers are conveniently located on the right-hand console. Easy-to-use shift pattern allows precise shifting without confusion.

1436PowrQuad Plus - 24/24, 40 km/hIncludes left-hand reverser6MC models
1437PowrQuad Plus - 16/16, 30 km/h6MC models
1438PowrQuad Plus - 16/16, 38 km/h6MC models
1440PowrQuad Plus - 24/24, 40 km/h, with creeper6MC models
1441PowrQuad Plus - 16/16, 30 km/h, with creeper6MC models
1442PowrQuad Plus - 16/16, 38 km/h, with creeper6MC models
1454AutoQuad Plus - 24/24, 40 km/h6MC models
1458AutoQuad Plus - 24/24, 40 km/h, with creeper6MC models
1462AutoQuad Plus Ecoshift - 24/24, 40 km/h6MC models
1464AutoQuad Plus Ecoshift - 24/24, 40 km/h, with creeper6MC models
1500CommandQuad Plus - 24/24, 40 km/h6RC models
1502CommandQuad Plus Ecoshift -24/24, 40 km/h 6RC models


BL15625Creeper, PowrQuad Plus 4 range 30/40K
BL15623Creeper, PowrQuad Plus 6 range
BL15624Creeper, PowrQuad Plus 6 range
BL15708Creeper module
BL15709Creeper module
BL15702Creeper assembly parts, EPQT
BL15406Shift components for creeper
BL15714Shift components for creeper
BL15715Shift components for creeper
BL15711Oil lines, PQT
BL15547TOC lines, PQT

For tractor specific attachment number please view John Deere Configurator.

Cab tractors

6MC - 6RC Series Cab Tractor6MC - 6RC Series Cab Tractor

The 6MC and 6RC Series Cab Tractors provide room and great visibility, making row-crop and loader work easier while keeping the operator comfortable. These cab tractors combine form and functionality with easy, uncluttered access to all tractor and implement controls.
With low in-cab noise the cab provides a comfortable working environment in all conditions for those long days. 320 degrees of visibility from within the cab ensures accurate tractor placement, implement hookup, and optimal tractor performance.


Key features

Integrated Roll-Gard™ structure

Low profile version


Instrumentation and controls

Operator's seat

Immobilizer system


Signal interface socket

Power outlet socket three pole

Multi power outlet strip

Cigarette lighter and ashtray

iTEC™ basic



Pressure compensated system (PC) 80 L/min (21.1 gpm)

6MC Series Tractors feature a John Deere-designed, open-center, constant-flow pressure compensated (PC) hydraulic system with variable pressure up to full pressure of 200 bar (2900 psi).

Differences between PC and PFC system

There are two different hydraulic systems available.


The PC system offers a gear–type pump and is based on a continuous oil flow. The flow is always at maximum, regardless of the need of the tractor or the implement. The pressure can vary depending on the settings of pressure regulating valves, but the maximum flow is generated by the gear-type pump, which has a direct influence on the engine efficiency.


The pressure-and-flow compensated (PFC) system has a consumption–based hydraulic pump, which is a piston pump. When no hydraulic consumers are connected, the pump works in a reduced stand-by flow. If the tractor or its implement needs more hydraulic power, the pump starts to increase flow or pressure. The oil flow and oil pressure depend on the demand, this makes the pump extremely efficient. This system has a positive influence on the whole efficiency of the tractor because the hydraulic power is only provided when it is needed.


Legend of the diagrams:

  1. No hydraulic users
  2. Mid hydraulic demand
  3. Maximum hydraulic demand

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