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Data Management

  • Manage equipment information, production data, and farm operations from a single website
  • Collect data more easily, access it more readily, and analyse it more effectively
  • Single sign-on for multiple John Deere applications

Machine Features

Connected software applications

Farmers do not farm alone. Collaboration with retailers, input providers, software companies, equipment dealers and many others is necessary to make timelier and more accurate decisions. The John Deere Operations Center is an open platform that enables producers to connect with their preferred partners and software tools. For more information about connected software tools, visit the MoreTools page within Operations Center, or go to the direct link at:


As of January 2018, Operations Center users can enable data sharing connections with the following software applications:

CompanyApplicationDoes this application work with my Gen 4 data?Does this application contribute insights back into the Operations Center?What does this application do?
Cornell UniversityAg-Analytics.orgYesMap layers and notificationsFarm Management
Scruggs Equipment Co.AGBRIDGE™In processFilesData Transfer
AgConnectionsLand.dbIn process Farm Management
AgDNAAgDNAYesFilesFarm Management
AgIntegratedOnsite®YesFilesData Transfer
AgReliant GeneticsAdvantage Acre®NoFilesPrescriptions
Agrian®-John DeereAgrian Zone Prescriptions for Operations CenterYesFilesPrescriptions
Agrian - CPSEchelon™In processFilesPrescriptions
Agrible®Morning Farm ReportYes Farm Management
AgribotixFarmLens™YesFiles and map layersRemote imagery
Agrimatics/BitstrataLibra CartYes Grain cart monitor
AgWorldAgWorldYesFilesFarm Management
ATEKTankScanNoNotificationsAsset Monitoring
ATEKAssetScan™NoNotificationsAsset Monitoring
The Climate CorporationFieldView™In processFilesFarm Management
Co AllianceDataOnTouch™In process Farm Management
ConservisConservisYes Farm Management
Cotton Inc.Cotton Harvest File Download UtilityYes Gin Software
Decisive FarmingMy Farm Manager™Yes Farm Management
Drone DeployDroneDeployYesMap layers and field notesRemote Imagery
Deveron UASDrone Data on DemandNo Remote Imagery
DowDuPont, PioneerEncirca®YesFilesPrescriptions
EcoSATEcoSATYesFiles and notificationsAsset Monitoring
EFC SystemsFieldAlyticsYesFiles and notificationsFarm Management
EWR Inc.eCotton Gin SystemYes Gin Software
Farm DogFarm Dog ScoutYesMap layers, field notes, and notificationsScouting
Farmers Business NetworkSMFarmer’s Business NetworkIn Process Benchmarking
Farmer's Mutual Hail InsuranceFMH AgentYes Reporting
FarmLogsFarmLogsYes Farm Management
FarmShotsFarmShotsYesMap layers, field notes, and notificationsRemote Imagery
Field MarginfieldmarginYes Farm Management
Foresight IntelligenceAgforesightIn process Farm Management
GranularFarm Management SoftwareYesFiles, map layers, and notificationsFarm Management
Green Aero TechGreen Aero Tech AlphaYes Remote Imagery
HoneyCombAgDrone System™YesMap layers, field notes, and notificationsRemote Imagery
Hot Shot SystemsSmart Shot ControlYesNotificationsAsset Monitoring
Independent Data Management LLCMyAgData®In Process Reporting
IntelinAirAgMRI™YesMap layersRemote Imagery
Louis Dreyfus CompanyGrower Online LinkedYes Gin Software
MapshotsAgStudioYesFilesFarm Management
Mavrx, Inc.Mavrx ScoutYesFilesRemote Imagery
New Boundary Technologies RemoteAware™ IoT application serviceYesAssetsAsset Monitoring
Precision Cropping TechnologiesagCloudYesMap layersFarm Management
PrecisionHawkPrecisionMapperYesMap layers, field notes, and notificationsRemote Imagery
Precision Terrain SolutionsT3RRA Cutta™, T3RRA Design™In processMap layers and filesLand Management
Precision WeatherWxAgrios™YesNotificationsAlerts
Premier Crop Systems®Premier CropIn processFilesPrescriptions
Rain and HailMapping Precision ImportYes Reporting
Scale-TecREAPYes Grain cart monitor
Sage InsightsMyAgCentralYesField notesRetailer Management
SatshotSatshot Boundary ExtensionYesMap layers, field notes, and notificationsRemote Imagery

FieldAgent™ platform

YesMap layers, field notes, and notificationsRemote Imagery
SSIAgvanceYes Farm Management
ProagricaSummit, SirrusIn process Farm Management
TapLogicSoil Test ProYes Soil Sampling
TerrAvionOverViewNoMap layersRemote Imagery
Trimble®Trimble Ag SoftwareIn process Farm Management
Visual LogicFarm InsightYes  
Webster LTDAgriDashYes Gin Software
Wilbur-EllisAgVerdictIn process Prescriptions


Questions? Please contact the John Deere API Enablement Team at 

AGBRIDGE is a trademark of Scruggs Equipment Company, Inc. Onsite is a trademark of AgIntegrated, Inc. Advantage Acre is a trademark of AgReliant Genetics LLC. Agrian is a trademark of Agrian Inc. Echelon is a trademark of Nutrien Ag Solutions Inc. Agrible is a trademark of Agrible, Inc. FarmLens is a trademark of Agribotix LLC. AssetScan is a trademark of ATEK Access Technologies, LLC. FieldView is a trademark of The Climate Corporation. DataOnTouch is a trademark of Co-Alliance, LLP. My Farm Manager is a trademark of Decisive Farming Corp. Encirca is a trademark of Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. Farmers Business Network is a service mark of Farmer’s Business Network, Inc. AgDrone System is a trademark of HoneyComb Corporation. MyAgData is a trademark of Independent Data Management, LLC. AgMRI is a trademark of IntelinAir, Inc. RemoteAware is a trademark of New Boundary Technologies, Inc. T3RRA Cutta and T3RRA Design are trademarks of Precision Terrain Solutions. WxAgrios is a trademark of 7417722 Manitoba Ltd. Premier Crop Systems is a trademark of Premier Crop Systems, LLC. FieldAgent is a trademark of Sentera, LLC. Trimble is a trademark of Trimble Navigation Limited Corporation.

Analyze data for insights to take action

Growers who are capturing agronomic data are usually doing so to enable and improve decision making. Users need to have tools to evaluate the data, ensure its accuracy, and take action on it. The John Deere Operations Center equips users with tools that make data interpretation easier than ever so that they can understand the factors influencing yield and take action on those insights in the field. 


Value in brief:

  • Make decisions with information known to be accurate
  • Increase performance by determining the factors influencing yield within each field
  • Improve efficiency with the ability to direct machines and operators in the field


  • Ensure agronomic information accurately reflects what happened in the field
    • Data editing
    • Field detection
    • Harvest post calibration
  • Discover insights from historical data to improve decision making
    • APEX™ software backup to Operations Center
    • Summary tab
  • Use historical information to evaluate whether or not the job was executed correctly
    • Agronomic reports
    • Field analyzer reports
  • Take action on the insights learned from the data
    • Prescription creator
    • Setup builder
    • Jobs

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Agrian is a trademark of Agrian Inc.

Collaborate with staff and partners

Growers rely on many people inside and outside of their organization such as staff, John Deere dealers, agronomists, landlords, and crop input manufacturers to help them make decisions about their agronomics, machines, and more. The John Deere Operations Center makes the process of sharing machine and agronomic data easy and customizable. In the Operations Center, growers can establish a sharing relationship with staff and partners and electronically share a view of their operational information automatically. This allows them to better control and secure their data while making it available to those who can help them gain insights that increase productivity and reduce costs.


Value in brief:

  • Maintain control of data visible to the team and partners.
  • Decrease time it takes to transfer and share data with advisers.
  • Maximize ability to collaborate and gain insights and profitability from data.
  • Receive support from John Deere dealers and partners
  • Simple sharing with no access, view, edit, and manage levels


  • Set staff and partner roles for organization, equipment, and location-based agronomic and job data (multiple access levels) in the Team Manager tool
    • Organization
      • 0 - No access
      • 1 - View staff and partners
      • 2 - Manager (add, edit, and delete) - organization administrator
    • Equipment
      • 0 - No access
      • 1 - View equipment (location, offsets, terminal settings, and more)
      • 2 - Edit (machine name and offsets, view Location History)
      • 3 - Manage (delete and transfer terminals, remotely adjust machine settings)
      • Remote Display Access (on/off)
      • Wireless Data Transfer and Setup Builder (on/off)
    • Locations
      • 0 - No access
      • 1 - View (field locations, products and locations, boundaries, and guidance tracks)
      • 2 - Analyze (Field Analyzer and agronomic reports)
      • 3 - Manage (files access, edit and delete fields, products, and data in Field Analyzer)
    • Jobs - includes products and Crop Planner
      • 0 - No access
      • 1 - View (crop plans, jobs, products, status, notes, and reports)
      • 2 - Create, view, edit, and delete plans and results (crop plans, jobs, products, status, notes, and reports)
  • Set access for partners or request access to or from partners
    • Equipment (all or none)
    • Locations (with field-by-field control)
    • Organization (manage staff and partner access, organization preferences)
      • Ability to set partnerships and select which staff members have access to the partner’s information
      • Ability to change organization preferences and settings
    • Collaboration with view-only or edit permission levels
      • Setup files, Rx, Location History, Remote Display Access, send files to machines, and view/edit/create jobs
      • Raw file access (requires all field locations to be shared)

Value created by sharing once a partnership and permissions are approved include:

  • Ability to adjust, add, or remove access at any time
  • Data is accessible
    • Any existing and new data is accessible only by those with approved access in Operations Center and connected mobile apps.
    • Enable exporting of information
      • API connections with partner programs automate export of new data for analysis and make it easier to import prescriptions, additional map layers, and other information.
      • Manual raw data downloads and shares allow for analysis in other farm management systems.
      • Shapefile exports allow users to manually export edited map layers from the Fields panel in order to share information in a common file format and to use in other farm management systems.
      • Data routing enables users to easily share raw files with partners. This allows service providers to share information with clients to provide field records for operations performed for hire.
  • John Deere dealers and partners have the ability to set up and manage accounts and organizations on behalf of users once a partnership and permissions with the dealers are established.

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  • Online Help has more how-to information.
  • A how-to video for the Team Manager tool is available on the John Deere YouTube™ channel on the Operations Center how-to playlist.

YouTube is a trademark of Google LLC.

Remotely manage machines and operators

As operations grow, keeping a pulse on what is happening with equipment and operators at any given time becomes more of a challenge. The John Deere Operations Center makes this easier with features such as Location History, Remote Display Access, and the MyOperations™ and MyAnalyzer™ apps that allow a manager to see what is going on anywhere, anytime they choose. With a bird’s-eye view of the farm and the ability to remote view into the cab, the Operations Center is an essential tool for today’s progressive grower.

Sprayer operating in fieldSprayer operating in field
Remote Display AccessRemote Display Access

Value in brief:

  • Remotely view in-cab displays in order to:
    • Prevent time-consuming field visits
    • Reduce costly errors with equipment settings
    • Resolve problems more quickly
  • Save time calling equipment operators to ask for their locations by viewing them on a map
  • Identify inefficiencies with machine operation and logistics by seeing the path traveled


  • Utilize map features for a bird’s-eye view of an operation:
    • View the last operation performed on a field
    • See Location History of a machine for any day during the past 60 days
    • Receive job status on all in-progress, planned, or completed jobs
    • View live weather radar and get the current conditions and 5-day forecast
  • Connect directly to the machine’s display with Remote Display Access (RDA)

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Optimize in-field work

Achieving optimal yield and reducing waste are important for a manager. Mistakes on the job can be costly to yield, waste inputs and time, and ultimately affect profitability. Managing this stage of the operation can be chaotic, inefficient, and cause a manager to be on the phone for hours per day trying to coordinate work, monitor progress, and make sure the job gets done right. It takes numerous meetings, phone calls and even field visits, which are all prone to miscommunication and costly errors and delays.


Replace lists and phone calls with the Jobs panel, various jobs tool in the Operations Center, and the MyJobs App on a mobile device. A job is simply a complete list of all tasks with all the necessary instructions to execute the job accurately—right product, right field, right time, and right settings. After the field is complete and data is sent in, the grower or partners can review map layers to ensure work was completed as intended and make adjustments in the next fields.


Value in brief:

  • Reduce the risk of yield loss by ensuring quality job execution
  • Increase productivity and reduce operational costs
  • Enable in-field adjustments to the plan to quickly respond to environmental and logistical changes


  • Add a job with specific work instructions like task, field, machine, product, rate, and notes
  • See planned job list in job panel
  • Quick status in Job Panel and Job Marker
  • Track daily totals and productivity Job Summary in Job Panel
  • Share job functionality with trusted partners through permissions sharing functionality

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John Deere Operations Center: Enabling Precision Agriculture

John Deere Operations Center allows producers to see what is happening, collaborate to maximize profit, and direct a plan with precision.

John Deere Operations CenterJohn Deere Operations Center
Customer value
  • See:
    • Visualize the current location of JDLink™ enabled equipment and where they have been over the last 60 days on the web and the MyOperations mobile app enabling logistics optimization and answering questions about what has happened in the past.
    • See the results of field operations by reviewing documentation maps in Field Analyzer and summary information in the Agronomic Reports.
    • View historical maps anytime, anywhere using the MyOperations mobile app.
  • Collaborate:
    • Establish partner relationships with trusted partners, allowing them to access machine and agronomic information to efficiently support an operation.
    • Leverage third parties to pull information from the Operations Center and to send it back through application program interfaces (APIs), enabling a single, centralized source of data for an organization.
  • Direct:
    • Create setup files and send them wireless through Wireless Data Transfer (WDT) to minimize start time in the field while ensuring accuracy in the work completed.
    • Use Remote Display Access (RDA) to see the display in the cab in order to support machines running in the field, minimizing downtime and trips to the field.
    • Plan and track maintenance schedules with factory recommended or custom plans for equipment.  Monitor and update plans from anywhere with the MyMaintenance mobile app.
    • Utilize the MyOperations™ mobile app to access daily summaries, field productivity, and quality details for an operation, enabling efficient management from any location.

John Deere Operations Center is a set of online tools that enable access to farm information anytime, anywhere. Tools in the Operations Center provide growers and their partners with the ability to analyze, edit, and make collaborative decisions from the same set of information to optimize logistics, plans and direct in-field work, increasing yield and profitability. Combined with its complimentary suite of mobile apps and the power of live connections to the machine through JDLink, the Operations Center enables producers to manage operation more efficiently, reducing costs and raising profitability.

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