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Precision Ag

Data Management

  • Share maps and guidance lines with machines that use Gen 4 displays
  • Can be used with up to six machines
  • Compatible with Gen 4 4600 CommandCenter™ or 4640 Display
  • See coverage and as-applied maps for any machine by toggling between layers

Machine Features

Decrease the time needed to coordinate AutoTrac™ guidance passes

In addition to sharing maps, In-Field Data Sharing allows the following guidance lines to be shared:

  • Straight tracks
  • Circle tracks

Operators can quickly share guidance lines with other displays working in the field to be sure that seed, nutrients, and crop protection products are placed properly with reduced overlap resulting from use of the same guidance line.

  • Lines created while in a work group are shared automatically
  • Other guidance lines can be pushed to other vehicles
Pushing a linePushing a line

Reduce over-application with map sharing and Section Control

Sharing coverage maps takes the guesswork out of shutting off planter rows, seeding sections, sprayer nozzles, and fertilizer spreaders or ranks when crossing over areas already covered by another machine. In operations where multiple products are being applied, like planting with a starter fertilizer, a map is shared for each product to make sure the product is being applied in the right place without being over-applied.

Layers and legendsLayers and legends

This capability is especially beneficial when working in low-light or dusty conditions.

In-Field Data Sharing requirements

In-Field Data Sharing requires a Gen 4 Display with the necessary hardware and software.

  • 4600 CommandCenter™ Display with version 2.0 processor
    • CommandCenter Premium 3.0 activation
    • 3G or 4G Modular Telematics Gateway (MTG)
    • JDLink™ Connect subscription
    • 18-1 or newer software
  • 4640 Universal Display
    • Precision Ag Core™ 3.0 mobile application subscription
    • 3G or 4G MTG
    • JDLink Connect subscription
    • 18-1 or newer software

Flexible sharing with Work History and Shared Work

Work History and Shared Work allow operators to view and select the same operation from a different time if different maps are required to finish an operation. Accessed from the Work List screen, Shared Work displays the data available from the cloud, while Work History displays the information created using the display being used. For example, if multiple herbicide applications are being made, a previous application can be selected to finish the field.

Work Setup and Work ListWork Setup and Work List
Shared WorkShared Work

Spend less time setting up sharing and more time working

In-Field Data Sharing uses the field, operation, and crop – already required for documentation – to match coverage and guidance lines between machines for tillage, planting, and harvesting, making setup a breeze. Fertilizer and crop protection applications require an additional match on products to make sure the right information is being shared.


Use the sharing shortcut to quickly view how many machines are in the same group, and access controls and confirm the system is working properly.

Setting up a shortcut keySetting up a shortcut key
Checking sharing statusChecking sharing status

Ensure that operators are working as efficiently as possible

Sharing maps and vehicle position helps confirm proper performance and help producers manage operations in the field.

  • Zoom out to the field view to make sure the entire field has been covered
  • View other operators’ as-applied maps to confirm those machines are calibrated and performing properly.
  • View machines’ yield and moisture maps to get a whole field view, to view progress, and to make sure nothing is missed while confirming machine and crop performance.
  • Confirm the position of tractors working with grain carts or in other support functions.
Whole field viewWhole field view

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