John Deere 625R



Harvesting Platforms

Auger Platforms

  • Single-point hydraulic and electrical hookup
  • Easy adjustments reduce downtime
  • Epicyclic knife drive increases drive capacity
  • Less reel, mounting, and drive parts

Machine Features

Single-point hydraulic and electrical hookup saves time

Single-lever multicoupler
Single-lever multicouplerSingle-lever multicoupler

A simple, convenient single-lever multicoupler on the left-hand side of the feederhouse allows the operator to connect all hydraulic and electrical header functions, and engages the latch pins in one easy step. The single-lever multicoupler saves time when moving from field to road and vice versa.

Large high-capacity auger provides greater crop material handling

Large high-capacity auger
Large high-capacity augerLarge high-capacity auger

All 600R Series Cutting Platforms feature a large, 660-mm auger tube with deep auger flights to handle large amounts of crop. This design provides a very big area under the auger to aggressively feed large volumes of crop material.


All augers are equipped with retractable auger fingers over the full width of the auger. Auger fingers are designed for quick replacement and mounted with a finger retainer. Auger finger retainers prevent broken fingers from being moved into the combine, minimizing the potential damage caused by rocks and other obstructions.

Conventional augerConventional auger
Wear-resistant augerWear-resistant auger

In addition to the conventional auger configuration, it is possible to choose a wear-resistant auger, which is recommended for harvesting rice. Therefore, the auger flights are reinforced to grant maximum wear life.

Automatic header control (AHC) versatility

Control with the lateral-tilt feederhouseControl with the lateral-tilt feederhouse

The John Deere 600R Cutting Platforms feature the fully integrated header control system.


This system provides automatic control of:

  • Cutting platform (stubble) height 
  • Lateral tilt 
  • Platform ground pressure 

The automatic-control, programmable header functions provide optimum performance and operator ease and comfort.


600R Front-End Equipment is equipped with two HeaderTrak™ sensors that follow the contour to ensure an even stubble height and minimize the risk of damaging the header in uneven terrain. The HeaderTrak sensors are located on the left and right side of the header.


The 635R header comes with three HeaderTrak sensors. An additional sensor in the center of the front-end equipment supports the outer sensors in uneven terrain to ensure maximum performance.


The 630R header comes with two HeaderTrak sensors in base. An additional third HeaderTrak sensor is optionally available to ensure maximum performance in uneven terrain.

HeaderTrak sensorsHeaderTrak sensors

Heavy-duty driveline designed for biggest throughput and best efficiency

Driveline layout
Driveline layoutDriveline layout

The heavy-duty driveline for the auger and cutterbar on the left-hand side of the cutting platform is designed for the biggest throughput and best efficiency.

The knife drive gearbox is driven by a belt; the intake auger is driven by a strong chain and a slip clutch to protect the auger and driveline in case of crop plugging.

Adjustable rigid cutterbar results in efficient feeding

Easy Cut II cutterbarEasy Cut II cutterbar

The 600R Header is equipped with the Schumacher Easy Cut II cutting system. This features:

  • Non-clog dual knife guards that fully enclose the sections for positive, clean cutting. High-strength construction provides reliability even when using crop lifters.
  • Double-cut sections alternately cut on the upper and lower edges, providing a self-cleaning effect.
  • 100-mm (3-in.) sections are bolted, allowing easy replacement in the field.
Protection slat for cutterbar
Protection slat for cutterbarProtection slat for cutterbar

The protection slat for the cutterbar protects from injury and keeps safety at the highest levels.

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