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About Precision Agronomics


At Ag Implements we've got you covered!

We are your one stop shop for all your precision agricultural needs. All branches provide an exceptional and customized service for each and every client.
With a team of highly skilled personnel, you can be assured that Ag Implements has the knowledge and know-how to ensure you to get the highest technology services possible


Year-round Payback

Year-round application, faster field performance, reduced input costs, stronger yields – GreenStar™ precision delivers all of these and more. Employ any of the groundbreaking Integrated Solutions from our full products lineup, and watch your bottom line grow. From the moment the tires hit the soil to the last harvest of the year, this advanced, yet user-friendly technology is ready to make you money, year after year, in all areas of your business.


Who is using Precision Agronomics?

More and more producers are using precision farming technologies in their operations, and John Deere continues to be at the forefront of this revolution. Our full range of products accommodates the diverse needs of growers today. So whether you want to gather information, reduce input and labor costs, increase efficiency, or better manage your land and water resources, turn to John Deere. Here at Ag Implements, we can help you find the GreenStar™ precision technologies and solutions that are best for your operation.

Ag Implements is a family owned agricultural machinery business with its foundations firmly grounded in the eastern wheat-belt of Western Australia. With the demise of 'Carson's of Merredin' (part of the Agro Holding group) in 2001, Merredin and surrounding areas were left with no John Deere dealer, nor service for their existing machines.

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