Make the complex simple, and the simple compelling.
  1. Integrity We believe in long term, responsible, fair and transparent relations with our employees, customers, partners, shareholders, and the community. This means good business for us. We shall operate our business affairs to the letter and spirit of the Law and our actions must be ethical every time. Acting ethically and honorably wins loyalty from our customers.

  2. Service excellence is more than what we provide, it’s how we think and act It’s not just “fixing a problem” or performing routine maintenance, it’s the “smile” in the voice on the phone, the prompt response to a request and the drive to always improve. It’s how we work with one another and how we work with our customers. We analyze requirements and meet them with solutions and actions that benefit our customers most. We believe that service excellence begins with each employee’s commitment to improve the things—no matter how small—that are in their control. By keeping an “at your service” attitude and striving to exceed our customers’ and each other’s expectations, we are working hard to become a benchmark for superior service—not just in WA, but in Australia.

  3. Health & Safety for our Staff All Staff of Ag Implements have the right to a safe and healthy work environment. To achieve our vision, the prevention of injury or illness is of the foremost importance in all of the AG Implements Activities. It is committed to ensuring the health and wellbeing of its employees, and others by eliminating and reducing hazards that could result in injury or ill health; implementing initiatives that improve the welfare of its employees; and by increasing awareness of workplace safety

  4. Customer oriented A customer centric organization and operating structure to improve customer experience and support them before, during and after sales.

  5. People The foundation of our vision of service excellence is built on the dedication of our people and sealed with a commitment to exceed customer expectations.

  6. Accountability Employees are expected to take responsibility for their actions and decisions. They should think and act like owners.

  7. Passion & dedication Our customers put their heart into their work, and so do we in ours. This means working with passion. We are convinced that only with enthusiasm and commitment the best results are achieved.

Ag Implements is a family owned agricultural machinery business with its foundations firmly grounded in the eastern wheat-belt of Western Australia. With the demise of 'Carson's of Merredin' (part of the Agro Holding group) in 2001, Merredin and surrounding areas were left with no John Deere dealer, nor service for their existing machines.

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